I had the best day today. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous lately, so today I decided to do Castle Peak. I did this once in the summer and forgot my camera, and I forgot it again this time! So you’ll have to make due with my quality phone pics.

This hike is usually not doable until July in a normal snow year, but this year has been another low-precipitation winter. There was snow on the way but it was packed down and easy to walk on. It’s a tough uphill hike. In a couple sections you feel a bit like a mountain goat scrambling up the loose gravel. There were a couple of tricky sections, one being a big wall of snow. I came up to this section while a family was hiking there and they helped me figure out where to go.

The summit is 9,103 ft, and from the 360 degree view at the top I could see five ski resorts.

On the way down I met a friendly, upbeat guy who is about my dad’s age and he told me all about his kids, and how much he loves the wilderness and all these cool things. I think I need to get out of my comfort zones more and talk to people from all different walks of life. It’s always an eye-opening experience.

Also on the way back I ran into a teacher at the school where I did my student teaching, and she had her adorable Bernese Mountain dogs with her. I absolutely love these dogs, they are always so happy and cuddly.

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